Christian Worship Arts Ministry Mission Statement

Nancy Skye has been a worship dancer since her college days and has choreographed, taught and presented expressive worship in many settings utilizing a variety of dance arts forms and styles.  It is her desire to encourage others to be willing vessels for the Holy Spirit to flow through, which ministers the Heart of God with-in the worshipper as well as the corporate body of Christ, as they share the artistic gifts that God has given them.

This website is a collection of such works as well as a tribute to the masterful hand of God working to gather the lives of creative artists who love him.

A little history…

Nancy Skye received her undergraduate degree in dance from SUNY Brockport and graduate degree in physical education and dance from the University of Iowa.  She has taught classical and contemporary dance styles to children, teens and adults for many years.  Nancy is on the board of directors for “Light of the World Ballet” and has led worship dance and use of banners in expressive worship for Believer’s Chapel in Cicero as well as the Syracuse March for Jesus.

Long bio coming soon and LOTS of video! Stayed tuned.

Worship Dance

DFH Conference presentation 2017 – “Holy Holy”
Nancy Skye choreography dancing with Dianne Steele

Garments of Praise for Sri Lanka Tsunami victims

2014 Worship Dance Conference at Shiloh, Nancy leading rehearsal

Originally set on a church altar/stage Nancy transforms the piece to be danced outdoors as well as including all the people at the conference with banners, flags and sign.




Early Works & Performances

Life Like Water Flowing

1987 Dance Ensemble of the Metropolitan School for the Arts, artistic director Reinaldo De Palmer. “Summer Waltzes” music by J. Brahms