Karen Byrne

Karen Byrne has led spontaneous, character, and celebratory worship dance for over 35 years, working with both children and adults. Her first “foray” was through the Catholic Charismatic movement at St. Francis Church in Utica, NY in the early 1980’s. She participated in a Christian musical program that put dance to popular songs such as, “Morning Has Broken”, “Turn, Turn, turn”, and “Be Not Afraid”. Karen currently attends Resurrection Life in Utica, NY. She approached her pastor years ago, when desiring to bring Worship Dance to her church. She asked him, “What do you do if the Lord has blessed your feet and not your hands (as a musician) or voice (for the choir)”?

Karen has also presented many times at the Capital District Christian Dance Fellowship Conferences, that have been hosted by Dawn Baker each spring for over 20 years. She has ministered with her mentor, Marcia Brunner from New Hartford, NY and other dancers throughout the Central NY region. Karen has blessed the NE Christian Worship Dance Conferences with her artful and passionate spirit led choreography since 2014.